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Lyss creates green turnaround strategy for companies, sustainable finance market strategy, multi-beneficiary stakeholder projects for boards and companies who want to adapt to new market conditions brought on the green or social economy. For the last five years she wrote market strategy for €4.5 billion impacting over 3000 organisations.
She is the founder the building nurseries and delivering cacao farmer education for improved farmer health, wealth and crop yields. With her own programs they directly trained over 2000 farmers and saw marginal improvement in living income profit, increase in available nutrition in the household. She is currently conducting research in this area.

For 10 years she worked in multinational corporate strategy, for 10 years she built her own company creating and trading raw materials and finished products, and accompanying services. She is a regular guest lecturer at various universities around Europe. Board member of some organisations and advisor to some governments, various industry bodies and unilateral organisations. These days, she specialises in generating systems-change bringing these groups together.


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