You can find Lyss' blogs here on the sustainable economy and farmer pedagogy.


Lyss is a classically trained journalist, having completed a Bachelor of Arts Journalism as her first degree. Her dream as a child was to be Lois Lane, writing about exciting adventures until a few years into learning the craft, she realised she wanted to be Superman instead. The day she was shot with a rubber bullet while broadcasting live on radio about a downtown riot, she knew it was time to get into more change and influence.  Thus went from the world to writing about innovations and development, to doing it herself. She has always been writing and communicating, from the university newspaper to the communications on change projects; with a microphone or a typepad, her speed reading and very quick dictation skills were very useful in business as well. When moving to Germany in 2004 she started her first blog, A Frau For Now which she intended to keep her family informed about what she was up and then realised it was being published by a local newspaper after reading her own story on a visit home. After years in corporate communications and large corporations she knew this was not 'in' the 'Superman' goal and making positive change. So she started her social enterprise. While founding this venture in 2009 she lost her words and spent all energy building; and every now and then would pen pieces for bloggers, magazines, industry associations or even her own company blog on BLYSS.


In 2018 she started post-graduate research and her lifestyle changed somewhat, she went into #DeepWork and started to reflect more on data, information and inputs. In fact, she actually had time and purpose to do that again, rather than just ‘responding’ to business demands. She moved away from the city and commutes back only for speeches, events and customers.


She found that her once very fun and spritely writing style has become a lot more serious from decades of 'business'; the poetry and colour is a little lacking. With the research project and focus on scientific communications and validated data, she is finding the space for her lively voice to want to return.

In fact she would like to write in the first person again.

Hello, it’s me. Here.


Part of the journey in life, evolving careers, focusing on different stimulus and finding our own crafting of what it means. Bringing our experience, our learned expertise, our benchmarking and making something entirely new is part of the evolution; and what I am enjoying.


You can see my blogs here about sustainable business and the green economy at ChangeMaker.land , you can see my notes about cacao farmer research with the focus on pedagogy for increased wealth, health and agroforestry here at CACAO.academy . And soon we will put up some links about pieces I have written for the industry in the last years. When we get around to it.


Maybe, I might start writing a personal blog here. Not sure. The last time I wrote personally was in 2004, a very young girl with very wide eyes moving to Europe. Like getting on a bike again, coming back to my true sense, my original craft; communicating, is a little wobbly. I feel I am re-inventing my voice again; and I feel still far from the song-bird inside. Thus, time and creating, will be my friends to re-find her.

"Lyss is an incredibly positive and energetic person, and is one of my favourite people to follow "

Will Evans
Host, Rock and Roll Farming

"Lyss is one of those women who, with her cheerful and humorous way, can bring you under a spell with her story and courage."

Brigitte Magazine

"She is one of those rare human beings that easily moves through peoples lives enriching them through social enterprise work within communities or inspiring corporates & individuals to take action."

Dayle Grant
Board Member ENERGEX

"She mastered the leap into entrepreneurship; what a social entrepreneur needs for work and why the current economic and career model is not the answer."

Business Ladys Magazine

"With her trademark energetic and humorous style, Alyssa Jade practically explains how change can be made, and how you can unlock your full potential to do it."

Social Media Week Conference

"From her own experiences in building a company, Alyssa Jade McDonald also advises big manufacturers on their strategy. If she could persuade the big ones to think more ecologically, socially, and sustainably, she has 'achieved' her mission."

Price Waterhouse Coopers Magazine

"Lyss is extraordinary. She is a whirlwind, a true entrepreneur, a continuous source for inspiration, a trusted advisor, and a true treasure."

Dr Percy Smend
Job Managing Partner Scholtz & Friends Strategy Group

"She demonstrates: with passion you can change everything."

WIRED magazine

"'Pure energy' is probably the mildest description one can associate with Alyssa Jade McDonald-Baertl and her work."

Original Steps Magazine

"Alyssa Jade’s approach to business is what we need more of in this country."

Cem Özdemir
Chairman of The Greens, German political party

"Alyssa Jade is a bundle of emotions and ideas. Her presence is inspiration and pure zest. She shares in an authentic way fresh points of view and exudes energy."

C.Christian Rätsch
CEO Saatchi&Saatchi Germany

""She divides her time between building companies and influencing regulatory environments to maximize social impact. As a practice expert in the module Change Management Alyssa Jade shows, for example, how change processes can be sustainably realized." "

Certificate of Advanced Studies Magazine
St Gallen University


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